A fresh coat of paint isn't just a cheap and easy way to cheer up your home; it works well on fingers and toes, too – especially when the sophisticated shades of winter make way for the brights of spring.

The current trend for nail art isn't going anywhere, but if you're too cack-handed to tackle it yourself, opt instead for a splash of colour that will hide a multitude of sins and smudges.

While bright colours are certainly fun, any chips tend to be really noticeable – which means it's time to remove the whole lot and give another shade a whirl.

La Laque Couture in No 50 Bleu Celadon

£18.50, yslbeauty.co.uk

Usually, I'm not a fan of blue nail polish, but will make an exception for this pastel version which is perfect for summer feet.

Gel Effect Polish in Covent Garden

£14, nailsinc.com

Professionally-set, long-lasting gel manicures are a worthwhile investment, but for those without the time, money or inclination for a long-term commitment, this polish will mimic the high-shine effect.


Electric Chrome Nail Enamel in Gwen's Crush

£6.49, Revlon, boots.com

Linked to Revlon ambassador Emma Stone's role in the new 'Amazing Spider-Man' sequel, each shade in this limited-edition collection is shot through with sparks of glitter.

Nail Polish in Lovie Dovie

£7.99, Essie, boots.com

Once exclusive to professional salons, this much-loved brand is now widely available – the tricky part is choosing a shade from its extensive collection.

Nail Lacquer in Flaming Rose

£12, maccosmetics.com

A tie-in with the up-coming 'Maleficent' movie, this rich red calls to mind fresh blood, but sadly doesn't magic any wearers into Angelina Jolie's image.