The best designer bags for spring/summer 2015

From Chanel to Prada and Mulberry; our pick of the very best arm candy for the new season.

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There's something about the lure of a handbag that can make even the most sensible of savers, splurge the equivalent of a luxury holiday or a month's rent, on a shiny new bag.

A designer handbag is much more than just a new season accessory, pick the right one and take good care of it and you might just find you make your money back in a few years to come.

Handbags serve many purposes; functional of course but there's also the status element; you only have to take a quick scroll through some of the more popular street style blogs to see what the right handbag can do for your fashion reputation.

Whatever your handbag intentions, before you take the plunge with a pricey purse, here is our roundup of the best new styles for spring.

Luckily for bag buyers looking to maximise the value from a new purchase, the age of the "It bag" (think Mulberry's Roxanne, Balenciaga's City and Chloe's Paddington bag) is over, so instead of one season wonders, accessories are more discreet and thus timeless.