The best dry shampoos: Personal hygiene doesn't have to go out of the window during festival season


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Rain or shine, the summer season has come to be defined by the myriad music festivals that pepper the calendar from here till September.

The word 'glamping' may cause an involuntary shudder, but so, too, does the idea that all personal hygiene needs to go out of the window as soon as the tent poles go up.

Seasoned festival-goers will know how best to avoid trench foot in wet weather or getting too whiffy when it's warm, and top of the list is a can of dry shampoo, which has gone from chalky and naff to almost indispensable in recent years.

Cleanse dry shampoo

£7.49, Toni & Guy,

The fine powder easily absorbs grease without a white residue on darker hair, perfect for extending the time between washes.

Dry shampoo with oat milk

£7.50, Klorane,

The clean smell of this spray helps to freshen up as well as control unwanted shine and keep hair feeling soft – good for a mid-afternoon perk-up for those with very fine hair.


Dry conditioner

£3.99, Batiste,

The brand known as one of the best in the dry shampoo business has set its sights on those whose hair ends up more like a bird's nest than an oil slick.

Ultimate blends 7-in-1 dry shampoo

£3.99, Garnier,

The vanilla-like smell of this all-in-one masks a multitude of sins and leaves hair feeling soft after brushing, rather than stiff or starchy.

Luxurious volume refresh dry shampoo

£5.89, John Frieda,

As well as soaking up excess sebum, adding a bit of volume at the roots will combat any lankness when you wake up, making it a particularly good choice for straight hair.