Our pick of the best gadgets to get your face squeaky clean

Washing your face by hand is so last decade, new advances in technology have extended to facial cleansing with gadgets the latest must-have beauty buy.

This may seem like just another sell by a beauty industry desperate to shift a load of the 'next big thing' however unlike the lotions and potions many of us spend hundreds of pounds investing in, an electronic facial cleanser is a product that really does work.

If you're desperate to see a change in your skin whether it's to get rid of acne or to reduce pore size or even just a general improvement in skin-tone then this is the tool you've been waiting for.

They work on the premise that all the guck we put on our faces on a daily basis, can't be thoroughly cleaned by hand - enter the cleansing brush which will clean deeper and more effectively, unblocking pores leaving skin squeaky clean.

(Clockwise from top:)

Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System:

This is a budget version of the more sophisticated cleansers on the market. It's quite basic in function with two speeds and a simple brushhead that works with a 360 rotation. It's price point means it's a good entry level product if budget is a concern, but ultimately you get what you pay for.

£39.99, Olay, boots.com

Aria Advanced Sonic Cleansing

The original and best on the market, for a decade now Clarisonic has been leading the way with facial cleansing. The brushhead works with sonic waves and rotates very fractionally side to side in a wiggling motion to gently clean skin without damaging it - which is what can happen with fully rotating brushes.

£155, clarisonic.co.uk

Luna T-Sonic Cleanser

Foreo's version looks a little different from the other brushes as it doesn't actually come with a brushhead, instead it uses non abrasive silicone instead and utilises sonic technology to cleanse the skin.

£145, foreo.com

Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

One of the newest entrants to the market place, Clinique's brush launched earlier this year. It's brushhead has two different types of bristles for precision cleaning. For the price you get a good level of technology.

£79, clinique.co.uk

VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush

A sleekly designed device from Philips, this one rotates 360 as well as up and down for dual effect. It has two settings which allow for either a gentle cleanser or something abit deeper.

£149.99, Philips, boots.com


Photograph by Wilma

Styling by Emma Akbareian