The best exfoliators: Slough away dead skin cells with these super scrubs


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Out of sight, out of mind is my go-to strategy for most matters, including my skin. So when I need to emerge from my cocoon of layers in the summer, I tend to feel more like a dowdy moth than a bright and beautiful butterfly.

A good exfoliator is the first thing to reach for – regular scrubbing gets the blood pumping, sloughs away dead skin cells and will help maintain any tan. Recent reports have exposed the danger of plastic micro-beads to marine life, so instead opt for a sugar or salt scrub that will dissolve well before it enters the food chain.

4-day moisture oil scrub

£9.99, Sanctuary Spa,

Fine salt crystals will glide over your skin thanks to plenty of luscious shea butter, organic olive oil and gold of pleasure (also known as wild flax) oil.

Clean skin moisture scrub

£17, This Works,

Predominantly a creamy cleanser, this is infused with very few, very fine exfoliating particles, making it a great option for delicate facial skin, which is easily damaged by over-enthusiastic scrubbing.


Lemon daydream body scrub

£7, & other stories,

A sweet citrusy treat that doesn't smell cloying and lathers up nicely, helping it to slide over skin without too much friction before rinsing clean without any oily residue.

Mango & orange sugar scrub

£12.99, Burt's Bees,

This brand has massively expanded in the past decade, but staying true to its homespun roots, this scrub combines sugar crystals and seed husks with fruit oil to replenish skin.

Moroccoan rose otto sugar body polish

£32, REN,

This dense sugar paste with rose oil is a serious scrub making it best for weekly, rather than daily, use.