VSOP shower gel, £30, tomdaxon.com


It's funny (more strange, than ha-ha – I don't have that weird a sense of humour) to think that 20 years ago, men who moisturised were such rare beasts that the term 'metrosexual' was coined to describe them.

Now, though, bathroom cabinets are bursting with lotions and potions designed to appeal to a gent's olfactory senses, with enough science to appease any vanities about virility.

While the likes of Dove and Nivea have done a great job at the lower-priced end of the market, there are also some great niche names to put in pride of place on your bathroom shelf.

Revitalising moisturiser

£39, the-refinery.com

As packed with essential oils as one would expect from Aromatherapy Associates' grooming range, this rich cream firms and hydrates.

VSOP shower gel

£30, tomdaxon.com

A scent as expensive-smelling as its cognac-inspired moniker would imply, this is a real treat for you – and all those who smell you.

Peppermint shampoo

£16, Malin + Goetz, spacenk.com

With a faintly medicinal whiff and a pleasant tingling sensation, this mentholated but mild shampoo provides a cool wake-up call.

Well groomed hair cream

£24, V76 by Vaughn, spacenk.com

For the perfect meeting point between slick and unruly, this ultralight cream creates control without freezing out all movement.

Geranium leaf body scrub

£25, aesop.com

Most men don't exfoliate, and have the lumps, bumps and ingrown hairs to show for it. This has a subtle floral smell but isn't overtly feminine.