Relaxing bath salts, £16,


A good wallow in warm water is a very lovely thing, even more so at this time of year – it is the season of indulgence after all, and some of that should be self-inflicted.

And what better way to recuperate from the excesses of the season, be they food, booze or even family-member-shaped? Assuming you've got a lock on the bathroom door – and a separate loo – a quick steep in something reviving or a good soak in something relaxing means you can snatch some time to let your body unwind, even if your head is still ticking off the Christmas to-do list.

Bath ball

£4, Sabon, 38 Neal Street, London WC2, 020-7240 8276

Pretty as a picture, studded with real rose petals, and with the long-lasting, skin-softening effect of Dead Sea salt, this is far too good a treat to waste on a quick dip.

Udderly Gorgeous bath & shower gel


Some essential oils are harmful during pregnancy so choosing the right product can be confusing – this foaming blend of patchouli, seabuckthorn and citrus is part of the spa brand's maternity range.


Ginger float

£27, Origins,

I love ginger all year round, but its spicy warmth really comes into its own at Christmas, and not just in the kitchen. This is mellow rather than fiery-sharp and creates lush bubbles.

Tonic bath & shower concentrate


This clarifies the mind, energises and moisturises – perfect for the morning after the night before, or a pre-party pick-me-up after a day scoffing sweets on the sofa.

Relaxing bath salts


Salt from the Camargue region is a carrier for geranium, lavender and a big spritz of citrus – bergamot, mandarin and sweet orange – which really helps you to switch off.