Beauty Blender Foundation Sponge, £16,


While I usually rely on hastily finger-painting on a face for office days, for anything more taxing, using the right brush for the right job helps to create not only a more polished look, but one that seems to last longer, too.

Certainly the Lilliputian applicators that come with more luxurious shadows, blushers and powders are neither use nor ornament. Some brands are particularly brilliant at brushes and tools – a set from Laura Mercier, MAC or NARS makes a wonderfully indulgent gift for anyone with a fondness for make-up.

Beauty Blender Foundation Sponge


The foundation sponges of old sucked up product like – well, a sponge, but as you moisten this before use it leads to less product waste and an impressively blended finish.

The Makeup Eyelash Curler

£18, Shiseido,

Whether you want your false eyelashes to blend in a bit better or are simply trying to boost your natural assets, this curler is a helpful tool in the pursuit of Bambi-like lashes.


Slanted Tweezers Stainless Steel


Whether you favour pointed, slanted or flat-tipped tweezers, these will stay super sharp for ages, meaning you can pluck even the shortest of hairs.

Brow Brush


Apply your brow powder of choice with a slanted brush, and then comb it through the lashes with the blending tool end to achieve the most natural finish.

Tapered Blush Brush

£7.99, Eco Tools,

Applying blush to the apple of your cheeks – rather than up your cheekbones – creates a much softer, natural effect and the shape of these bristles will help to blend any edges.