Mega Effects Mascara
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Fluttering your eyelashes is a tricky skill to master, not least if your natural assets are of the stumpy and straight variety, rather than anything resembling Bambi's peepers. Judiciously applied, a bit of mascara can go a long way – the Sixties look may be in, but clumps, lumps and smeared eyelids never will be. Using an eyelash curler can seem like a supreme faff, but it's a pleasingly retro process once you've got the hang of it and will help your mascara of choice do its job. That goes both ways, as mascara should help set any curl you've managed to create.

Colossal Go Extreme in Leather Black

£6.99, Maybelline,

This quite-thick product is perfect if you're happy with the length of your lashes and just want to plump up the volume.

Mega Effects Mascara


Application can be tricky at first, but once you've tilted the brush head to the right angle for getting at your roots, it delivers a lengthening formula in a flash.

Black Magic Mascara


Thanks to a curled wand and a keratin- and shea butter-enriched formula, this packs more punch than its diminutive size would indicate.

Mascara Base

£22, Suqqu,

Mascara bases can be hit and miss – but when they work well they can add volume without clumps. This blue shade is easier to cover with colour than more common white versions.

Diorshow Extase

£24.50, Dior,

The bobbly brush (technical term there) helps to coat even the shortest, finest lashes with the thickening formula for a very full-on effect.


Good mascara needs an even better make-up remover to ensure no trace is left behind. White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover combines cleansing oil and hydrating water to banish panda eyes. £19, Elemis,