The best scented candles: These fancy aromas will make a chilly room instantly inviting


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Maybe it's the childhood memories of crisp piles of leaves and smooth conkers nestled in pockets, but autumn is a time of year I relish. The brief hibernation between the long days of summer and December's social whirligig appeals to my sybaritic side.

As the skies darken earlier each evening, home needs to be a sanctuary, and a candle can make a chilly room instantly inviting. Cheaper ones seem to be a false economy, burning too quickly and often with a cloying scent. A fancy candle, then, is a wonderful gift whether it's for someone else or yourself.

Manor Christmas No40


Too many festive candles are horribly sweet with vanilla and too much cinnamon, so this is a pleasant change as it's lifted by a hit of zesty orange.

After the Rain


Clean, mild and fresh with rose petals and precious wood – perfect for city dwellers who only get to smell wet tarmac after a downpour.


£17, & Other Stories,

Earthy fig, blond woods and violet leaves combine in this chic ceramic container to fill a room with a warming aroma.



£60, Byredo,

One of three festive scents from the Swedish brand, the sweetness of vanilla is sliced through by fiery notes of ginger and pepper.

Orange blossom honey


With honey at its heart and base notes of vanilla, this is undeniably oh so sweet – but so is the cut-glass beehive it comes in.