The best sun-tan lotions: Apply an SPF to your face daily - whatever the weather


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Most make-up products or moisturisers don't contain an SPF because its addition can destabilise a tried-and-tested formulation, while those that do would need to be applied with a trowel to ensure effective protection.

Instead, it's best to apply a broad-spectrum SPF to your face as part of your morning routine – whatever the weather. If you're planning on catching a few rays on your lunch break, it's imperative suncream is applied before escaping work as it takes up to 30 minutes to be absorbed by the skin.

Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF25


Those who suffer from prickly heat may find this 82 per cent organic formulation helps to stop both pores getting blocked and a rash developing.

City Block Sheer SPF25

£16, Clinique, 08700 342566

This is a great all-rounder as it can be used as an efficient primer to stop make-up sliding off in the heat, or to add a delicate glow if you prefer going make-up free in the summer.

Silk Hydration Face SPF 30

£11.99, Hawaiian Tropic,

Super hydrating yet surprisingly lightweight, this product can be used instead of your usual day moisturiser – as long as you can stand the scent of coconut mentally transporting you to balmier shores.


Once a Day Sun Protection SPF 30

£13.29, Riemann P20,

The original single application product, the consistency can take some getting used to, but it's perfect for busy days of sightseeing when you might otherwise forget to re-apply protection.

Dry Mist SPF 50

£15.99, Garnier Ambre Solaire,

Mists and sprays are perfect for those who don't have much patience, as they make application a doddle – even in those harder-to-reach places. Poolside contortions will be a thing of the past.