Swim shorts, £85, by Versace (versace.com) / Simon Lipman

Bright prints and jazzy patterns add colour to your poolside lounging

What's this?! Could it be the return of the Speedo from sartorial Siberia? Of course tiny, tight trunks should only be braved by the buff of body and bold of confidence.

But if your physique is more DadBod than male model fret not: short shorts - of the tailored variety - are infinitely more flattering and far easier to wear than an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny scrap of lycra.

They're by no means boring either with bright prints and jazzy patterns aplenty to add a splash of colour to your poolside lounging. Whatever style you choose just make sure they fit properly - you don't want to find them floating beside you, your nethers exposed, next time you jump in the pool.

Photographs: Simon Lipman

Styling: Lee Holmes

Model: Matty at Select

Grooming: Rebekah Lidstone at Stella Creative