If you like your statement jewellery to have subtance as well as sparkle, check out new site Grand Bazaar London

The trend for statement jewellery doesn't look set to falter, with opulence and baroque both featuring heavily on the trend lists for the fast-approaching new season. But fine jewels can be an expensive way to decorate oneself, and high-street versions may leave a telltale green mark behind. Luckily, there is a middle ground for those with magpie tendencies.

A new online jewellery boutique, Grand Bazaar London, is aiming to help you to attain the "more is more" look with an eclectic mix of jewels and gems which won't have you raiding the piggy bank.

The brainchild of a top fashion PR, Grand Bazaar London marries fashion expertise and an eye for the innovative, as well as inspiration from Bullen's Turkish roots to create a stylish but fun selection. The influence of Istanbul is embodied in more than just the name, as the site models itself on the eclectic, vibrant spirit of the city's Grand Bazaar. The site's wares are hand-picked for their design qualities as well as craftsmanship and many pieces feature precious and semi-precious stones set in silver- and gold-plate.

Taking the recent vogue for all things cartoonish and costume one step further is a collection by Dilara which features statement necklaces strung with Plexiglas faces, goggle-eyed glasses and even everyone's favourite waste-disposal robot, Wall-E.

All available from grandbazaarlondon.co.uk