The experts: Go back to shaving school


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For most men, the ritual of badger brush on shaving soap has long been usurped by a squirt of cool-smelling gel that magically foams in the palm of your hand. And who can blame them?

But perhaps those brave souls who have subjected themselves to the ridicule of their peers for the month of Movember deserve more consideration than usual today, as it will be the first time in a month that their upper lip meets cold steel.

For those who would prefer to get back to basics, this is the chance to break the bad habits that lead to ingrown hairs, razor burn and bloodspots. Geo F Trumper, a traditional barber based in London since 1875, understands the importance of a close shave.

It has established a shaving school which offers a session with a barber, with products catered to specific skin types. For those who can't stretch to such a luxury, the fundamental principles it lays out online (at are a good starting point in the art of the wet shave.

And if this is the day that a month's growth is removed in one fell swoop, it pays to remember that the previously protected skin will be more sensitive than usual. A splash of any alcohol-based after-products will cause you to give baby-faced Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone a run for his money.