Shady lady: The best summer sunglasses roundup

Sunglasses take centre stage this summer – the brighter the better

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Whether they’re for heading out in the blazing sun or hiding the telltale signs of a heavy night, sunglasses are considered an obligatory item for every wardrobe.

There are of course practical reasons for sporting eyewear; the skin isn’t the only thing in need of protection from UV rays, the eyes are susceptible to sun damage too. But unsurprisingly, style is now the overriding concern when it comes to selecting shades.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to buying a new pair: from cheap and cheerful high-street buys to more luxury, investment purchases. Since gaining mass market appeal in the mid-20th century, the market has been largely dominated by “safe styles”: classic shapes in neutral colours meant to blend in with a look rather than stand out from it.


This season, however, sees sunglasses graduate from accessory status to become a statement object in their own right. Jeremy Scott showed Barbie-inspired jewel-encrusted and heart-shaped frames at Moschino, while Prada took a technical  approach with innovative two-tone designs crafted from wood and it was all about co-ordination at Versace, where tomato-red eyewear matched with trousers and a handbag in the same scarlet shades.

Eyewear in bright colours and bold prints needs little else around it. Make the maximum impact by keeping things simple: team statement sunglasses with a neutral basic such as a plain white dress for the most effective way to wear the trend.

Unlike the rest of the summer wardrobe, which can make its debut only once the mercury has hit a moderate temperature, sunglasses are not really seasonal. Worn all year round and for any and every occasion, they are the ultimate all-rounder, and for that reason it’s easy to justify splashing out on a swankier style.