The Fashion Audit: 07/11/2011

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We Love: Bear necessities

Pudsey's had the same look since 1983, so it was high time for a makeover.

Luckily, a roster of British designers was queuing up to give him a fashionable hand. Now on display at Liberty, an eBay auction of the bears will raise funds for Children in Need.

We're not sure about: Male falsies

The Audit has expressed its concern about male make-up before, but sadly its words have obviously gone unheeded as news has just broken of male false eyelashes. Apparently, they're for those men fretting that their lashes just aren't full enough. Step away gents, step away.

We're buying: Vintage jewellery

An ardent ignorer of trends, New Yorker Iris Apfel is a fashion icon for the thinking girl with a style that can't be imitated. Luckily though it can now be invested in, as original pieces from the nonagenarian's vintage costume jewellery collection are available to buy.

We can't wait for: Future seekers

Now in its third year, the Fashioning the Future Awards take place this week, followed by a public showcase of the work of international finalists. The theme of "unique" design explores how designers can balance ecology and resources to develop sustainable lifestyles. 11-13 November, free admission,

We're booking: Now we are 10

Danish designer Peter Jensen's eponymous label is turning 10, and to celebrate, his work is the subject of the next Fashion in Motion event at the Victoria & Albert museum, showcasing his most extraordinary designs. 18 November,