The Fashion Audit: Birthday boots, flash feet, Panama pics and dressing up Disney

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We love: Birthday boots

A bright yellow workman’s boot does not sound like the most obvious candidate for wardrobe icon status but with 40 years of steady sales under its belt and a host of celebrity wearers, Timberland’s most famous creation has earned its place in the shoe cupboard of fame. This red collar version is a special anniversary edition. £160,

We’re not sure about: Flash feet

Women spend on average £34,000 on shoes in their lifetime, according to a study by This amount, more than the average UK salary and enough for a sizeable house deposit, will seem staggering to some. Based on an average yearly spend of £570, more splashy spenders would be lucky if this covered one pair (ahem). Sandals, £12, Primark

We’re buying: Haute high street

High street store Wallis has suffered from a lack of street cred, but recent seasons and the launch of its premium W line has seen the store shaking off its mumsy tag for a more contemporary, fashion-led aesthetic. For autumn, expect a sleek edit of monochrome and leather pieces. Dress £70,

We can’t wait for: Panama pics

Stationery and art are not conventional bed fellows. However, to celebrate the launch of its Panama collection, Smythson has teamed up with artist Quentin Jones, who has created 10 artworks inspired by the brand’s beloved diary and stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Kylie Minogue. From 16 September for one week, 40 New Bond Street, London W1

We’re saving up for: Disney dress-up

Sweaters, especially the picture-bearing sort, are having a moment – so a limited edition collection of sweatshirts adorned with Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse are perfectly timed. They are created by Italian brand Iceberg and exclusive to relaunched store Browns Focus. From £193,