The Fashion Audit: Burberry, Post-poo drops, YMC and Harvey Nichols

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

We Love: Burberry

Ahead of the curve with all things digital, Burberry has released exclusive tracks in collaboration with Brit bands to launch its new eyewear collection before hosting gigs around the world next month too.

We're not sure about: Post-poo drops

Choking on aerosol air freshener is never pleasant, so the idea behind these fragrant drops is to be commended. But the twee, blatant name is just a marketing step in the wrong direction for anyone out of short trousers.


We're buying: YMC

With this weather it's mighty sensible to team a sundress with a pair of shades and a waterproof jacket – though fashion might not be what those boy scouts were referring to with their motto. YMNC's current collection has plenty to offer for whatever the summer springs on us.

Dress £175,

We can't wait for: Jubilee-tions

Jubilee fever is certainly building, in retail circles at least, and Harvey Nichols new window displays are a lovely dedication to 60 years of Her Maj and the way our high streets have changed under her rule.

For more pictures and a behind the scenes video click on the gallery above

We can't wait for: Disturbing London

One of the more dapper dressers on the music scene, Mr Tempah – known as Tinie to his friends – has launched a collaboration with EMI to produce a capsule collection of urban essentials.

Prices start at £25,