What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

We're buying… Cashmere cosy

British Summertime officially ended yesterday – although it felt well and truly banished months ago. That means flimsy T-shirts and bare legs won't do. Luckily, Pure Collection's limited-edition cashmere jumpers are cosy enough to make you long for a visit from Jack Frost – as long he keeps the nose nipping to a minimum. From £250, purecollection.com


We can't wait for… Fright night

We're big fans of All Hallow's Eve here at The Audit; and not just because it's the perfect excuse to binge on sweets and watch Hocus Pocus. The opportunity to dress up is not to be missed, but forget sexy witches and seductive ghosts – this skeleton jumper tickles our funny bone and will still look great come November. £500, Ashish, asos.com


We love… Juice shot

From Googling to grocery shopping, a Smartphone is a lifeline in more ways than one. And so, as our phone dies, so does a little bit of us. Luckily with a Mophie Juice Pack you can instantly add up to 80 per cent more battery power. It also does double-duty as handy protective case, and comes in stylish Lego-brights. A colour-pop and power-up in one. £69.95, Mophie, apple.com/uk


We're not sure about… Scrunched up


In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, “no self-respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie”. It definitely applies this side of the pond, too, despite recent attempts at a dodgy revival by brands like Charlotte Taylor.


We're visiting… Heaven scent


It won't take long for those with a nose for the finer things to sniff out the new venture from fragrance supremo Jo Malone. Featuring a fragrance “tapas bar”, where warm fragrances are served from a hot tagine, the high-concept debut store has to be seen to be believed. 42 Elizabeth Street, London SW1, joloves.com