The Fashion Audit: Chucky Ts, Anklets and Bobble Hats

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for....

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We Love: Chucky Ts

The cartoon band Gorillaz were an obvious choice for a new collaboration with Converse, which sees Murdoc and co. decorating four styles of the canvas high-top shoe.

From £45,

We're not sure about: Anklet

The last time anklets were fashionable, it was "a thing" that whichever leg you wore it on sent a message to the world about your sexual predilections. The Audit thinks that this definitely isn't a concept which needs to be revisited.

We're buying: Bobbing along

It's chilly out there – have you noticed? If you have to venture outside, wrapping up in a bobble hat and scarf from ethical label Chinti and Parker is your last, best hope for stylish survival.

From £55,

We can't wait for: It's a fair cop

Fairtrade fortnight is not just an excuse to overindulge in ethically sourced chocolate and other goodies. Be sure to look out for cotton and wool pieces to update your wardrobe – there won't be a hair shirt in sight.


We're nailing it: All things nice

Meadham Kirchhoff's sugar and spice spring/summer offering was one of the stand-out shows of the season, but if your budget won't stretch to a whole garment, channel the look with these nail wraps instead.