The Fashion Audit: Flawless thighs; dirty faces; birthday bras; pearls of wisdom; Maje

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We love: Flawless thighs

In the quest for the perfect jeans, those clever chaps at J Brand have come up trumps. Photoready is the label’s newest innovation; a brand new fabric specially designed with slimming stretch technology to provide lift and contouring exactly where you need it the most. 

811 Utopia, £245, J Brand;

We’re not sure about: Dirty faces

A rather alarming piece of research by supermarket chain Asda, which found that 37 per cent of people surveyed neglect to wash their face every day. If they’re forgoing their face we shudder to think what else is suffering from this lack of basic personal hygiene.

Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, £4.99,

We’re buying: Birthday bras

Congrats to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who is celebrating her first birthday… well her M&S lingerie line is. To commemorate the successful collaboration there’s an anniversary collection plus a re-issue of the bestselling set from the original range.

Available in store and online at

We can’t wait for: Pearls of wisdom

You don’t have to be a jewellery lover to enjoy the upcoming Pearls exhibition at the V&A. Amongst the 200 pieces of jewellery on display is a pearl necklace worn by Marilyn Monroe and the slightly macabre pearl-drop earring worn by Charles I at his execution in 1649.

Tickets £11, from 21 September – 19 January,

We’re saving up for: Maje

Maje is a favourite label here at The Audit, so the exclusive capsule collection to celebrate the opening of a new boutique in Harrods goes to the top of our shopping list. Particularly desirable are the sequin blazer, party dresses and a rather lovely furry coat.

Dress £229, Maje, 020 7730 1234