The Fashion Audit: Liverpool love, Knickerbox, Whistles and Meadham Kirchhoff jackets

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We love: Lorra, lorra Liverbirds

The 'Pool has exported national treasures such as The Beatles and Cilla, so isn't it time it was shown some love in return? A charity exhibition-cum-auction is doing just that, thanks to a specially commissioned lot by Terry de Havilland.

Liverpool Love, Museum of Liverpool, L3.

We're not sure about: Knickerbox

Mail-order undies are nothing new, though in the old days they used to come "discreetly" wrapped in brown paper. The Knicker Issue offers subscribers a surprise pair of smalls in the post every month – just what you want to open over the cornflakes.

We're buying: Blow your Whistles

The high-end high-street store Whistles has gone from strength to strength under the guardianship of Jane Shepherdson, and this week posted a strong increase in a not-too-buoyant market. The brand also announced plans to open a new flagship concept store on London's expensively trendy Dover Street.

We can't wait for: It's raining men

The Christmas onslaught may have begun, but The Audit is looking past the tinsel and tat to January, when the capital will again host London Collections: Men. Joining young talent James Long and Christopher Shannon on the roster for autumn/winter 12 are older hands Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford.

We're saving up for: Cool rider

Limited edition, shrunken leather jackets from Meadham Kirchhoff put common or garden black bikers in the shade. The hand-painted trompe l'oiel fringing and quilting will crack and fade, making each all the more unique.

£3,135, Meadham Kirchhoff,