The Fashion Audit: Pringle patchwork, corsets, pyjamas and leap years

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We Love: Pringle patchwork

Abstract blocks of contrasting colours and fabrics are woven together in this new capsule collection of designs by the Turner Prize-nominated artist Liam Gillick.

From £145,

We're not sure about: Back in the corset

After Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery raved about the posture improving aspects of being trussed up in a boned bodice all day while in character, they're – apparently – suddenly pitched for a relaunch.

We're buying: Pyjama party

Sleepover separates may be a big fashion story this season, but actual nightwear shouldn't be neglected either. The purveyor of the best mannish silk shirts in the business, Equipment has now branched out into the bedroom with this luxurious set.


We can't wait for: Back to black

Those who are involved in the fashion business may have an exaggerated fondness for the darkest of hues, but when it comes to the thoroughly chic new matte black range of purses, cardholders and wallets from Comme des Garçons, it's not hard to see why.

We're not being dictated to: Leap of faith

Leap years are the "only" time a woman could dare to do something so bold as propose without appearing as a bridezilla. If you couldn't have done it on any of the previous 365 and a quarter days, it's really not worth the time of any of these.