The Fashion Audit: Selfridges Quiet Room, a new “wonder” bra and Victoria Beckham

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

We love: It’s oh so quiet

Don’t you just hate it when the din of a shop interrupts internal debate over an expensive new outfit? Selfridges aims to cut through all that with silence in its new Quiet Room, an idea pioneered in 1909. Brands are getting in on the act too, with logo-free luxuries.

We’re not sure about: Back and forth

Sainsbury’s new “wonder” bra promises to smooth out unsightly back fat bulges thanks to a wider band and front-fastening clasp. It looks like a plain old sports bra to The Audit, but if it means polishing off the tin of Quality Street can be done guilt-free perhaps it’s worth the £10 price tag to find out if it works.

We’re buying: Man up

Sick of the sales? Debuting at the London Collections today and on sale tomorrow is a collaboration between four fresh menswear names and online store Mr Porter. Favourite pieces include Matthew Miller’s white T-shirts and sweatshirts with ready-to-rip foil patches that reveal pockets.


We can’t wait for: Tall tales

It may not trip off the tongue, but the imminent launch of H&M’s accessories venture “& Other Stories” is worth getting excited over. At a more luxury end of the market than the Swedish giant’s most famous brand, sneak previews avow that these shoes and bags will set pulses racing.

Spring 2013,

We’re saving up for: Gift to self

Those who were less than satisfied with the offerings of Santa  and his little helpers should consider self-gifting. The new Victoria Beckham area on The Corner is a good place to start.

From £495,