The Fashion Audit: Tats the way to do it, going for gold and a retro Penny Skateboard

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We love: Tats the way to do it

Getting inked may still upset the twin set and pearls brigade, but tattoo artist Horiyoshi III has built up a cult following. As has a range of clothing inspired by his designs, which is adding denim for men.

The Thiiird,

We're not sure about: Going for gold

Celebrating half a century as a brand, Ben Sherman has managed to rescue its reputation from the jaws of small town discotheque doom. But all that hard work could be for naught with the launch of this new fragrance housed in a rather flashy bottle.

We're buying: Fold up, fold up

Wonders will never cease and neither will the threat of rain. So this lighter, foldable creation from welly-bob extraordinaire Hunter is just the ticket when bad weather threatens to stop play. The space saving device will come in handy whether packing for a festival or just a day out.


We can't wait for: Bazaar beauty

Desperate Scousewives may not have dented the TV ratings but for bringing the phenomena of Scouse brows and wearing curlers to the shops into the light of day it must be applauded. Later this year Harvey Nichols will be opening a new Mecca for these beauty devotees – complete with champagne bar, obvs.

We're travelling: Free wheelie

Too scared to clamber on to a Boris bike and hoping to avoid playing sardines on the tube, The Audit has been cutting quite a dash of late travelling between appointments (all right, going on a tea run to the canteen) on its retro Penny Skateboard.