The Fashion Audit: Topshop, Valentines Day, and Jason Wu for Target

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We Love: Getting on Top

Everyone loves a bit of Topshop in their life. The "Edited" collection, selected by industry luminaries, returns to Oxford Circus , this time with threads picked by Wonderland magazine's fashion editor, Julia Sarr-Jamois.

From 19 January,

We're not sure about: Stupid cupid

V-Day is fast approaching and with it comes news that "for your eyes only" photo shoots for women are growing in popularity. At the sessions you can choose from eight different poses to bring out your "inner goddess" and possibly a repeat visit from your lunch.

We're buying: Heart on your bag

Time was a carrier bag didn't advertise much except where you bought your veg but now it lets you broadcast your retail philosophy to the world. East London's "Love Hackney, Shop Local" campaign taps into the locale's creative talent with a series of bags available from various markets.

We can't wait for: Getting ahead of ourselves

At last week's menswear shows in Milan many brands gave their customers the chance to use the catwalk as their very own catalogue – with pieces from the autumn 2012 collections ready to order immediately. The tricky part is waiting the two months it'll take for the pieces to be made and shipped.

We're booking our flights: Jason Wu for Target

The Audit has only just got over the Versace for H&M cruise collection online bun fight, so though it may be crazy to consider a trip across the Pond, this collaboration's low prices mean we're practically saving money.

From $19, 5 February,