The Fashion Audit: Vault couture, Getting to grips, Specs appeal and Kat Maconie

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

We Love: Vault Couture

Nineties screen classic Clueless is a continual inspiration – especially for Cher's automated wardrobe. Now wardrobes can be catalogued, photographed and stored at home – or shipped worldwide.

From £2,000,

We're not sure about: Getting to grips

If you're a slave to a three-inch heel, even when there's snow and ice on the ground, these grips will ensure you don't end up A over T. Practical though they may be in theory, The Audit can't help but wonder if that's ever the point of a pair of stilettos.

We're buying: Specs appeal

If Clark Kent had a pair of Kirk Originals, he wouldn't have removed them in that phone box. Its new range of acrylic-based frames is not only more hard-wearing and softer on the skin, but also offer a spectrum of sharply defined rainbow brights from which to choose.


We can't wait for: Kat Maconie for Dune

Ms Maconie's signature style is much-loved by the fashion pack, so imagine the delight that met news of a collaboration with the high-end high-street store Dune. Inspired by Miami Art Deco style the collection will be available from April.