Gelling well: England strikers Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll / PA


When England striker Wayne Rooney headed in the only goal of the game against Ukraine, the once-balding striker celebrated by pretending to squirt something on his newly-hair-implanted head. The move, Rooney revealed, was inspired by a bit of pre-match bonding with a long-haired team mate.

"I used a bit of Andy Carroll's product," he said. "Hopefully I will end up with hair like him."

As yet, it's unclear whether this greatest of optimists will be keeping Dax hairwax, or Aveda's Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, next to his scowl-lift cream. But any hope of a hair gel endorsement deal, may have hit the rocks after Nicky Clarke – hair stylist to the stars – declared yesterday that Rooney was wrong to use the same stuff as his hirsute colleague. "Wayne doesn't need serum-type stuff, unless he was aiming for that oily look, which he shouldn't be," Clarke, told The Telegraph yesterday. Adding, "He should be aiming for things to have a much more even texture; either slightly matt or slightly mid-sheen."

But having said that, Carroll scored with his head against Sweden, so perhaps the whole team should be wearing the magic "product" when they face Italy on Sunday. Scrap that, maybe the whole nation should.