Culture clash: Brit fashion designers

Stella McCartney vs Phoebe Philo

By Holly Williams

Both graduated from Central Saint Martins, and Phoebe was Stella's design assistant at Chloé, taking over when Stella left to set up her own label. Tight-knit pals, they graced the cover of POP magazine together – pole-dancing, bizarrely – before becoming design rivals (rumours of a fall-out have been denied).

As befits the McCartney dynasty, Stella's label has an ethical bent. Her designs are lauded for their luxe but easy-to-wear quality; after early accusations of nepotism, she's won many celebrity fans. But for fashion clout, Phoebe can't be beat. Since becoming creative director at Céline in 2008, she's defined modern minimalism, changing both high-end and high-street dressing, making the label one of fashion's most influential and exclusive (you can't buy online).

The winner: Phoebe Philo

The deleted emails of... Pope Francis (as read by John Walsh)

To: paolo.moretti@bancaromana
Sent: 17 July 2012
Subject: infallible idea!

Paolo, my old friend in Christ, my consigliere di finanza. Greetings from Rio, where I am enjoying the caipirinhas and the ladies with the, hem hem, figure belle on Ipanema beach, while running Catholic World Youth Day. Anyway, did you see the fuss in the British press – il Sole, Il Independente – about my suggestion that those who attend Youth Day or follow it on Twitter can win indulgences to lessen time in Purgatory? Some bossy editorials say Is bad thing, like when Popes used to charge for indulgences in Middle Ages, which annoy Martino Luther so he start Reformation. I suddenly think: why don't WE also charge cash? E250 for 1 month off Purgatorio! Genius! Look into it, will you? I give you special Papal blessing on return (E500 – only kidding!!) +F

Instant ethics

By Ellen E Jones

Dear Ellen

Q. Is it OK to pass wind on an aeroplane, given that no one will hear you do it?

A. Assuming it's of the loud-and-proud, non-smelly variety, absolutely. In fact, I'd go further: if you fart on a plane, where no one can hear you, does it even make a sound?



By Liam O'Brien


See if you can scoff three crackers in a minute and win a prize at the Brick Lane Village Fête, where there'll be vintage clothes, music and food. 28 July,


A show of Peter Doig's sensuous paintings opens at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. 3 August to 3 November,


Designed as a reminder of our own mortality (thanks!) this skull candle by DL & Company is made from paraffin wax and burns clean. £90,

Indy Index

By Liam O'Brien

The northern section of the 560-acre Olympic Park reopens this weekend on the first anniversary of the London Games

But you'll have to wait until next year to revisit Sir Anish Kapoor's 114.5m Orbit tower

2,000 newts had to be relocated before construction of the Park began in 2006

The athletes' village has been turned into 2,818 homes, 1,379 classed as 'affordable'

Construction on the Park since the Games has created 1,000 jobs

The world's biggest McDonald's – built to serve 2,000 Games-goers – has been dismantled. Shame

Since the Games, the number of adults playing sport regularly has actually dipped by 100,000 to 15.3m

West Ham FC will take up residency in the Olympic Stadium from 2016, boosting their capacity at home games from 35,000 to 54,000