The Ten Best Flip-flops

Keep your feet cool with a pair of these funky flip-flops

Muji - £3.95

Muji’s flip-flops manage to be both understated and inexpensive as well as very cool. Available in a variety of different colour combinations, including this pair in khaki and white.; 020 -7323 2208

Topshop - £5

Forget Barbie pink: this raspberry colour is more subtle and looks great on pale and tanned skin alike. Cheap but chic, these flip-flops will pep up your holiday wardrobe.; 0845 121 4519

Michael Kors - £60

Black patent might be a bit dressy for the beach, but it’s just the thing if you’re spending summer in the city. I like the funky, chunky plastic-chain details and the single toe-loops.; 0845 675 1321

Giuseppe Zanotti - £415

More St-Tropez than Brighton, these flip-flops are unashamedly elegant. Dripping in bling and finished in silver, they will take you from beach to bar and back to the yacht.; 0845 675 13 21

Musa - £69.50

If the gladiator-sandal trend leaves you cold but you fancy sporting some kind of strappy shoe this summer, these handmade, silver nappa-leather flip-flops are very pretty.; 020-7739 8071

Havaianas - £15

These Brazilian flip-flops are by far the most comfortable I have ever worn. They come in in a vast array of colours and patterns, they never rub and they last for ages.

Faith - £20

Not strictly flip-flops, but these purple rope thong sandals are pretty minimalist. Perfect worn with a flowing maxidress for that hippie vibe, but also look good with jeans.; 0845 880 1195

Calvin Klein - £14

Acid brights and interesting straps lift these flip-flops from average to awesome. Because of the strong, clashing colours, they’ll look best worn with a bit of a tan.

Hush Puppies - £35

Sturdy and comfortable, these Hush Puppies may be on the sensible side but they also look rather lovely. Available in a range of hues, they will even stand up to long holiday walks.; 0116 281 4300

Clarks - £34.99

With their striking black-and-white bubble pattern, these flip-flops have an op-art feel. They’d look stylish with wide-legged jeans or a pencil skirt, and just as good in the evening.; 0844 477 7744