The Ten Best Products for curly hair

Love or loathe your curls, we've got the right product for everything from a little smoothing to full-on frizz control

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1. Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo

£13.50, L'Occitane, available nationwide

Angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and orange combine in a lightly foaming shampoo.

2. Smooth Cream


Kingsley's products smell lovely and cleanse gently, but my favourite is this leave-in moisturiser that lifts and separates curls.

3. Three-Minute Miracle

£4.99, Aussie, available UK-wide

Great for travel and if time is short. Tried and tested aloe vera and jojoba-seed oil tame "misbehaving, frizzy hair". Inexpensive, with a great bubble-gum scent.

4. Dry Remedy Collection

£18.50, Aveda, 0870 034 2380.

Possibly the most hardcore dry-hair product of them all, only for those with the most coarse and unruly hair. Full of organic wholesomeness.

5. Elixir Ultime


Another product that the dry and curly-haired would do well to keep close to hand. This versatile liquid lasts for months and can be applied pre-shampooing.

6. Integral Hydrating Mist

£15.50, Phytospecific, 0207 620 1771

Rich Hydration shampoo and conditioner may smell gentle but both are unusually potent. Instantly detangles and defines curls.

7. Liquid Fabric

£22.00, Shu Uemura, 0800 633 5021

Can be used whenever curls are losing definition to immediately revive them. Worth its slight downside of a residual crunchiness.

8. Relaxing Balm

£13.75, Label M Organic,

Used alongside the brand's lemongrass shampoo and conditioner, this non-oily, natural relaxer calms down stubborn frizz.

9. T/Gel Dry Hair Shampoo

£4.39, Neutrogena,

It's no joke having a dry scalp as anyone who has duly stripped the living daylights out of their tresses will understand. This makes an immediate difference to flakiness.

10. Olive Fruit Oil

From £17.50,

The delicate fragrance of this range is worth the price alone. This instantly moisturises and is light enough to ensure curls aren't weighed down.