The ultimate cat hair accessory / Hiyorimi museum/ Campanella

Just what you always wanted, a fashion accessory for cat lovers

Forget about glamorous race day hats; a life-size cat accessory is the newest craze in headgear. Allegedly.

If you happen to harbour an obsession for all things feline, this might be just what your wardrobe has been waiting for.

Japanese designer Campanella has created a full-sized replica kitten mounted on an Alice band, which when worn looks like your pet is straddling your head – ‘yes she’s coming along too’.

The headband was spotted at the Design Festa expo in Japan and caused a stir on social media.

But although some cat lovers out there might be willing to take their pet-obsession this far, the hair accessory is not actually for sale. According to its designer, she made the piece for her own pleasure and for display in the exhibition at the Hiyorimi museum.

Maybe this will serve as inspiration for this year’s Royal Ascot? Hopefully not.