Toms' founder Blake Mycoskie reveals the success of his shoe empire

As the American shoe giant celebrates its 10th anniversary, its founder opens up about the success of his successful 'One for One' business model

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You've probably worn a pair of Toms yourself, and if not, then you probably know about the brand, stocked in almost every footwear shop. It's been a global success since its launch in 2006. You've seen them on babies, parents, teenagers and grannies, and it's also gained a huge celebrity following. The key to its success? Founder Blake Mycoskie reveals it's the "simplicity" of its One for One business model, which says it all: you buy one pair, they donate one pair. "It's easy to understand and to share," he tells The Independent.

Blake Mycoskie donating shoes in Africa

The California-based label managed to enchant every generation with a shoe that is a simple as some sort of espadrille. But more than the simplicity of the design itself, he tells that consumers want to wear stuff that "represent their values".


The original version is called Alpargata, inspired by shoes the American entrepreneur had seen in Argentina. As Toms celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it launches Alpargata 2.0, "which looks exactly the same, but it's more comfortable and more breathable".