Trending: Why duck-feet manicures are a nail fail


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Although it's been a bumper year so far for nail-art fans, with excellent work from Rihanna (who has been rocking tapered talons, as Trending has noted before), Katy Perry (check out her groovy transfers) as well as the launch of a DIY book by edgy manicurists-to-the-stars WAH Nails, you'd have to be quackers to wear the latest look.

Despite being dubbed "the duck-feet manicure", the idea isn't about webbed fingers or all-over orange. Instead, each nail is tipped with a flared extension which is then decorated. It may give more space for nail technicians to decorate, but the end result is anything but elegant.

These mallard-inspired manicures are growing in popularity in the US, which means they may be paddling across the Atlantic soon. And if you thought that the picture illustrating this trend was the ugliest thing you've ever seen, I must warn you that there's worse out there: the duck-feet pedicure. It's ducking horrible.