Red Roses gift box £120, Jo Malone,

Merely mentioning the big V can strike terror into hearts and minds, but relax, breathe deeply and remember: thoughtfulness never goes out of fashion and the right amount of wit will always be a winner, says Rebecca Gonsalves

What does fashion have to do with Valentine’s Day? Not much for many perhaps, but if your partner loves fashion, choosing the proper gift will demonstrate an appreciation of their interests that is as romantic a gesture as any.

Thoughtfulness is the key accessory here – no matter what your budget – and details are best observed. If you plan on shelling out on some fine jewellery, make some subtle observations – does your partner normally wear gold? And is it white, yellow or rose?

If you’re a long way from getting hitched, avoid anything that comes in a ring-shaped box – even the most lovely pair of earrings would come as a disappointment after that inevitable jump to the wrong conclusion.

Once thought to be tacky, cheesy or twee, more traditional motifs of hearts and flowers can still stray into such territory. But, with a sense of modernity and wit, they can be sweet rather than saccharine.

An old-fashioned heart in an unexpected colour, or roses spliced with something altogether more unusual, are clever takes on the classic.