Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand in s/s 14 Prada coats


Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief, LOVE magazine

"I love Miuccia. She's cool, she's sexy, she's hot, and she makes wonderful clothes that make you feel very special. She's fantastic to be around. What's not to love?"

Anna Dello Russo,  Editor at large, Vogue Japan

"She changed everything. She's phenomenal. Going to a Prada show is like going to the Guggenheim. It's very deep, her vision. What Cindy Sherman is to art, Miuccia Prada is to fashion. The fashion show is like a theatrical or artistic performance. It's not just fashion. She doesn't care if it's a trend, if it's commercial. She's completely free. I am very proud to have Prada in Italy!"

Andrew Bolton, Curator of Prada & Schiaparelli at the Met

"Miuccia is one of the most influential designers of the past 20 years. Every season, she changes your eye ... Prada is more a semiotician than a designer. She's like the Umberto Eco of fashion. She approaches it almost on the level of language, these very subtle visual codes. What makes her unique is that she's able to convey very complex ideas in very wearable clothes, to never lose sight of functionality, but nevertheless to convey deep conceptualism."


Joan Burnstein, Owner, Browns

"It's always challenging for designers to come up with new ideas every season, but she makes it look easy. She has talent galore and is constantly delivering something different. She's one of the most influential people in the industry and has created a brand that the world looks to every season for direction."

Edward Meadham, Designer, Meadham Kirchhoff

"Prada are very clever at making sure that even the commercial piece has some form of correlation to what Miuccia actually intends to say in the first place. I'm obsessed with Miu Miu, my greatest love of all, above Prada itself. I think I'm not supposed to wear Prada and people get really annoyed with me. But it makes me want to tear my eyes out I want it so much!"