Bombers away!

Brown's new range includes this stand-out item from the women's collection: a wool bomber jacket from Polish designers MISBHV – a bold statement piece just the right side of kitsch. With the winter coat stowed away for another year, it'll make for a great, light, spring jacket for these in-between days. £190,

Canine kudos

Every dog owner has a story about how clever, insightful or sensitive their dog can be. Equally, every dog owner has a story about how that same dog likes to eat poo. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods' new book, The Genius of Dogs, which features a very serious-looking doggie on the cover, comes to some surprising conclusions about just how clever man's best friend really is. Spoiler: they're smarter than cats. £20,

Pens at the ready

A really good desk is hard to find these days, but this 1950s-inspired creation from Graham and Green (see gallery) is not only a beauty to behold, with its two-tone wood effect and angled legs, but also practical, with two drawers, a folding panel, and enough room underneath to fit a decent-sized chair. Don Draper would be happy with that. £550,

Woolly wellies

How to improve upon the Wellington boot? This appears to be the question that designers at Ewe Style – a new outdoor clothing label – set themselves. Their simple answer: line it with merino wool and call it 'The Luxury Wellington'. Durable and comfortable for wearing all year round – even without socks. £160,

Park life

Don't miss Yinka Shonibare at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Best known for putting Nelson's Ship in a Bottle on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, Shonibare's new exhibiton, Fabric-ation, features outdoor spectacles such as the six-metre-tall Wind Sculptures and, indoors, the wry humour of Revolution Kid, above. Until 1 September,


We hardly need spell out the appeal of this. It is a festival of chocolate. That is more or less all you need to know. The UK's best chocolatiers all gathered in one place at one time. Better still, it is visiting three locations over the next three weeks. We foresee choc junkies touring the country in a daze. Oxford, today and tomorrow; London, 22-24 March; Bristol, 30-31 March;