Jemima French, fashion designer

I've done yoga for 20 years, but three years ago I discovered Bikram, or "hot", yoga and it's become a complete passion. You practise it in a room heated to 40 degrees, which lets you push yourself further. You go in like a piece of raw spaghetti and come out cooked!

I had to have a break from it at one stage, as I loved it so much that I was doing it to excess; now I only do it three times a week.

You sweat so much, it's hysterical. I look like I've been swimming and it gives you a constant bad-hair day, but it's brilliant for body and mind. It's based on a repetitive sequence of movements, so once you know it, it sends you into a deep meditative trance. It's particularly great for building mental stamina – I can now get past barriers that would once have daunted me.

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