The only thing better than Bradley Wiggins at SPOTY was his suit / Getty Images

The only thing better than Bradley Wiggins at SPOTY was his suit. Rebecca Gonsalves picks at its seams

Fabric: Wiggins may have told Nicky Campbell last week that he was considering wearing midnight-blue suede, but luckily he actually meant velvet.

Tie-pin: Wiggins' antique purple heart tie pin, a gift from Powell, is exemplary of the Mod's traditional affinity for detail and precision.

Colour: It was a toss-up between midnight blue and brown; luckily he didn't go for the latter as the award presenter David Beckham did – that could've been embarrassing. Midnight blue is far more fitting for such an occasion.

Buttons: For someone as slim as Wiggins, a double-breasted suit is a smart choice. The buttons have something of a modern Pearly King about them.

Style: Bradley's style icon is Paul Weller, who he's channelling here in a suit by the Modfather's very own tailor, Mark Powell. A contemporary take on classic Mod style, Powell says, "it's a stylised look from the later Sixties – a Mod who's become more individual and developed his own style".

Shoes: Fringed loafers are a Mod classic and thankfully this black leather pair is slim and with a high tongue – dressy enough to work with the suit, without revealing too much sock.