At the end of an Argentinean team training session, Maradona joined half of his squad members for a cheeky punishment. Having lost a practice match against the other Argentines, they were subject to a volley of footballs aimed at their behinds - but then became the most viewed sports video on YouTube in the week leading up to Wednesday, June 16.

Highlights from the FIFA World Cup cropped up on six other top ten clips.

England's early goal against USA on June 12 made it, but USA's crushing equalizer didn't.

A YouTube / ESPN Brazil collaboration shows Maradona 'dominating' the controversial World Cup match ball, with two free kicks that sailed into a training pitch goal.

Celebratory moments from the opening game, South Africa vs Mexico, were also captured and viewed nearly half a million times before FIFA issued a takedown notice.

Footage from The Black-Eyed Peas' opening concert also makes it, as does Shakira's performance and a cover of Miriam Makeba's "Pata Pata" by her husband Hugh Masekela and Lira.

Elsewhere, a competitor at the American Power Lifting Championships attempts a phenomenal 1008lb squat, GMC continue their "Dude Perfect" comedy ads, and a Boston Celtics forward accidentally punches a referee after scoring in the NBA Finals' fourth game.

1) ' South Africa - Maradona gets balled in training' - 2,104,268 views
2) England's first World Cup 2010 goal - 1,432,984 total views
3) ' Who complained about the Jabulani ball? Maradona masterclass' - 1,167,405 views
4) Logan Lacy attempted 1008lb squat and puked - 617,910 total views
5) South Africa vs Mexico 2010 World Cup - 475,832 views
6) GMC/Dude Perfect: Cliff - 535,292 total views
7) FIFA World Cup kick-off celebration: Black Eyed Peas - 427,749 total views
8) Shakira performance at World Cup 2010 opening ceremony - 353,924 total views
9) ' Pata Pata starts the World Cup South Africa 2010' - 334,773 total views
10) Fail! Paul Pierce punches referee in the face NBA Finals - 357,847 total views

Data captured at 15:00 UTC, Wednesday June 16