Joachim Löw, already well known for looking good in a sweater and suit combination (and guiding the German team deep into the World Cup's knock-out rounds), finds his pitch side nutrition the center of attention on YouTube's Sports channel for the week ending Tuesday July 6.

Eyes attentively fixed on his team's progress at all times, he indulges in a spot of nasal hygiene before consuming the fruit of his labors. Was he thinking about the match or the flavor?

Elsewhere, a cameraman gets the wrong side of Argentinian defender Gabriel Heinze, Australian speaker Nick Vujicic offers sound advice about supporting a losing team, Ivorian Emmanuel Eboue pretends to take instructions from the Korean team boss, Kaka and Robinho see who can hit a crossbar the most, and Italian coach Marcello Lippi plays pat-a-cake with a walrus.

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