With the launch date of the Hollywood actor's first fragrance approaching (it hits stores in July), a making-of from the commercial can now be watched on the Internet.

The clip shows Willis filming in a bar in New Orleans, ordering drinks at the counter and flirting with the camera, all supposed to go with the manly identity of the scent. As is often the case with celebrity fragrances, not much is known about the actual ingredients of Bruce Willis Eau de Parfum, even though Women's Wear Daily described it as "extremely masculine."

Willis's move came as a surprise to many, and after his ex-wife, Demi Moore, just released her first fragrance called Wanted with Helena Rubinstein, the development of his perfume is closely followed.

Looking at these first impressions of the filmed commercial, however, you can't help but think that this project might not work in the actor's favor. Commenters are already comparing the video to the Old Spice or Mandom (starring Charles Bronson) commercials, and not in a good way.

The scent will not be distributed in the US. For a list of countries where it will be available come July, check http://www.lrworld.com.