Ready To Wear: Frizzy hair is history – and I'm the living proof

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The silly season is upon us. And so begins a three-part series dedicated entirely to hair – ready-to-hair!

Week one: the hair on the head and, specifically, the hair on my head.

Sad to relate, it all began with an insult. My esteemed deputy (let's just call her Judas) told an equally esteemed beauty PR that while she wasn't in need of help where controlling any unwanted frizz is concerned, I most certainly am.

The former denied any such libellous claim, but, "She did say that!" the poor PR wailed, realising that suggesting that anyone has a problem with anything whatsoever in this particular business means that the words "flying" and "start" are unlikely to apply.

Still, in the long run, I have my aforementioned colleague to thank for my discovery of the Living Proof: No Frizz range, available at Space NK and hailed as "the next beauty revolution" by the powers that be there.

Verily it is a marvellous thing, developed by one prize-winning Dr Langer, whose breakthroughs are apparently in fighting disease via advanced drug delivery systems, so it's safe to assume that the technology behind LP: NF is indeed akin to rocket science. "Our thinking is that if we can find solutions for some of the toughest medical challenges, we should certainly be able to cure frizz," Langer argues, not entirely unreasonably.

The secret formula involved is called PolyfluoroEster and it works, apparently, by creating a fine humidity barrier while reducing surface friction. Etc, etc.

Whatever. All anyone out there really needs to know is that there is not much hair more coarse and/or potentially frizzy than mine and, ingeniously enough, having applied Living Proof: No Frizz shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling cream (yes, the lot!) I am in the possession of thick and wavy locks not unlike those of King Charles II – only not black, and shorter. There are straightening products available too, but fighting nature to that degree has never been of interest here.

Taking my job as a trier and tester seriously, I both dried my hair naturally (technical description: air drying) and unnaturally (not-so-technical description: with a hairdryer), and the former made for better (sorry, more lustrous) results.