PIG IN FASHION SHOOT SHOCK. And this is not just the latest in a long line of cute, baby-animal-as-accessory manoeuvres beloved by Bruce Weber.

Instead, the November issue of American InStyle magazine, published at the end of last week, features an eight-page editorial featuring none other than Miss Piggy, dressed in bespoke Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Opening Ceremony... the list of American couture's young and fashionable who've fallen over themselves to run up suitably fetching looks especially for the porcine puppet goes on.

"Supermodel? Moi?" A rigorously performed survey (oh, alright then, a brief chin wag with a few girlfriends over a cup of tea) revealed the following in response...

"At last, a woman of substance takes centre stage – in spirit and in flesh..."; "One in the eye for every passive clothes horse out there..." And, the voice of reason, perhaps: "But isn't she just an old sow/over-stuffed toy?" Whatever, Miss Piggy's rise and rise in the fashion firmament doesn't stop there.

In the forthcoming Muppets movie, destined to be the US Christmas blockbuster of the year but, sadly, not out in the UK until February 2012, she plays a plus-size fashion editor at French Vogue. Take that, Emmanuelle Alt and your too-cool-for-school laid back Gallic style... Or perhaps just: "Hi Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Knowing a cunning marketing opportunity when they see one, both OPI and Mac cosmetics are releasing a range of The Muppets nail polish (Fresh Frog Bel Air green, anyone...? Divine Swine magenta?) and a limited edition Miss Piggy make-up collection respectively to coincide with the release of the film. "Style is about expressing your inner self, capturing your personal ethos and, more importantly, spending someone else's money," Miss Piggy tells InStyle, a summation of the editrix that is characteristically to the point.

From the devastating mood swings to the fabulous flamboyancy and taking in the frills, furbelows and none-too-well-adjusted eating habits on the way – why use your hands when you can just bury your snout in your food, after all? – this may well turn out be the fashion satire to end all fashion satires, making The Devil Wears Prada seem lightweight by comparison...in every sense of the word.