Geri Halliwell famously donned red, white and blue in the late nineties, perhaps taking it a little too far / Fiona Hanson


While the world at large has been moaning about the weather which, admittedly, has been remarkably inclement, not to mention the remarkable lack of security at the Olympics, something remarkably strange has been happening to my wardrobe. "You're wearing red, white and blue," says my friend and I realise that there's no arguing with her.

I'm dressed in blue jeans, red shoes, a black cardigan with a red heart on it (it's my favourite) and am carrying a not-far-from bright, white handbag. It's new, obviously, so that won't last. While there's no chance of my giving Grace Kelly a run for her money in the carefully co-ordinated accessories department, or indeed of the British flag finding its way into my look any time soon, I'm not entirely unhappy with this discreetly – and entirely unprecedented – patriotic mood. There's something in the water, clearly.

And there are more ways than that to engage with Olympic fever fashion-wise without resorting to tactics reminiscent of Geri Halliwell's tea towel circa 1997, which was of a moment and not very funny or interesting now as then.

In the first place, the world is not short of what has come to be known as couture sportswear, and I love it. Take, as a prime example, a Prada white and navy anorak I'm lucky enough to own. White and navy. You see, it's happening again. In fact, it originally made me think of a modern-day Coco Chanel in Biarritz or indeed of Miuccia on her yacht with husband Bertelli of a romantic, stormy evening. Crafted in silk so far from obviously waterproof or even repellent, it looks like I threw it on in the name of dynamism even though I know that's not strictly speaking the case. I've got some Rick Owens dropped-crotch fine jersey long johns that, at a push, might pass for jogging bottoms too.

I won't be wearing them with my new neon pink Nike trainers with bright coral laces, though. That would be too literal. They look quite good with a plain summer dress though. A grey one.