Ready to Wear: The best news of all is that there is a 'deluxe' Kau boot. You pay extra, obviously

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Given the severity of the weather this winter it's perhaps only to be expected that snow boots – at all different price points and ranging in appearance from the very ungainly to the more ungainly still – are high on any retailer/fashion PR/person with cold feet's agenda.

Also unsurprising: the veritable Cornish pasty of a boot that is the Ugg is now being worn even by those who would previously never have admitted to owning a pair. Ubiquitous and ugly. Not good.

Help may be at hand, however, in the form of a new import from New Zealand (where else?) called the Kau boot. What is it about three letter words and oversized shaggy footwear – Ugg, Mou, Kau? Answers on a postcard please. Anyway, Kau boots appear to be aimed squarely at the consumer who has a secret affection for such designs but who is also a snob, basically, and would therefore rather have the most luxe possible variation on that theme.

Kau boots are more expensive than Uggs. They're also – relatively speaking – prettier. Those with bohemian tendencies (you're still out there and know who you are) might like the Kau boots that look like cows – that is, hairy and covered in markings best described as cow-like. The more conservative will no doubt prefer their Kau boots mainly black, white or tan or even in soft black or brown leather that isn't hairy at all. Boots come in three lengths: short, tall and to-the-knee, with two different soles – a moccasin style and a corrugated one that looks pleasingly fierce. Perhaps the best news of all is that there is a 'deluxe' Kau boot. You pay extra for the latter, obviously, but wearing them is only rivalled by the dipping of feet in paraffin wax leaving them cushioned and as warm as the proverbial toast. These, then, might not unreasonably be described as the Ferrari of snow boots. And, no, they don't come with a spike heel.

Meanwhile, on matters of self-improvement, the search for the perfect foundation/tinted moisturiser continues with the (admittedly belated) discovery of Nars Sheer Glow. The good news? It's designed to be applied with the fingertips – no brush needed. The even better news? It provides the best no make-up make-up finish in history. Siberia was the first shade tested by this particular reviewer, deemed by all as too pale. Santa Fe – as warm by comparison as the name might suggest – was judged "a bit green", meanwhile. Not ideal. Given the otherwise radiant appeal, however, it seems churlish not to invest in a third in-between shade soon.