While the type of heavily logoed and hardware laden ‘it’ bag that might not unreasonably be described as an offensive weapon has had its day, and the humble satchel is enjoying an extended moment in the sun, it won’t be long before women the world over hanker for something more attention-seeking than that.

And, safe in the knowledge that a short life span is the fashion industry’s life blood, those ahead of their game are only too pleased to offer a more conspicuous alternative.

The new bag to see and be seen carrying sets itself apart not by the re-instatement of anything so obvious as branding or back-breakingly cumbersome heavy metal bling. Instead, colour is key: the more bold and bright the better.

Versace’s metallic leather bag is so shiny that anyone interested can see their own reflection in it (no need to carry a mirror, then, which is good). On the catwalk in Quality Street gold and ultraviolet these will lift spirits, not to mention the most minimal outfit, even on the rainiest of days. Not quite so razzledazzle but still far from understated are hot pink bags, courtesy of both Mulberry and Prada. This, we all know, is not the easiest of colours to wear. In the form of a handbag, however, any sugar and spice factor is decidedly more manageable and perhaps even ironic in a, “yes, I know it’s unashamedly girlish but I’m woman enough to pull that off” kind of a way.

Over at Celine – and it’s not insignificant that designer Phoebe Philo is the woman who stripped things back in the first place – no-nonsense navy clothing is accessorised by a sunny orange purse: a glorious flash of citrus does much to alleviate any seriousness and that, presumably, is the point.

Colour will be everywhere next spring – nothing as easy as an accent will be on the agenda by then. It may pay to practise with accessories before going the full mile. Such practicalities aside, a bag in a look-at-me hue suggests luxury (and by default) wealth because anyone carrying one is unlikely to be restricted to a single choice. A coral-red box bag (Marni) is all well and good but you wouldn’t want to use it day in, day out. That would be boring and therefore missing the point.