'Free Lindsay' collections hit stores

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Just days after Lindsay Lohan went to jail, fashion website StyleList has unearthed some gear that will help you show your support (or the contrary). But with that ever-shrinking sentence, you better get shopping quick!

The biggest range to choose from comes courtesy of the CustomizedGirl: t-shirts make you a 'Member of the Free Lindsay Coalition,' state 'Lindsay's Last Call' (complete with the image of a drink, of course) or simply demand to 'Free Lindsay Now.' Shirts cost between $9.97 and $24.97.


Label 99 Volts is using online platform Amazon to cash in on Lindsay's fate: a simple design, available for both men and women, shows a prison cell together with the slogan, 'Free Lindsay.' They are already discounted and now selling at $12.99 instead of $21.99.


Cafe Press has also thought of the other 'team:' its 'Keep Lindsay' t-shirt costs $28. And that's not the only thing that's more varied on the site: the 'Free Lindsay' range also includes buttons, trendy tote bags, and even underwear. Frustrated about the fact that your 'Free Winona' and 'Free Martha' t-shirts suddenly seem so dated? Plan ahead for next time, and get a t-shirt that says 'Free Whichever Spoiled Little Brat Celebrity That's In Jail This Week.' Prices at Cafe Press start at $12.