From £25 for a child’s cap, £35 for a woman’s cap, all House of Holland X Mr Men,

A new collaboration between House of Holland and the Mr Men characters will cheer up the wardrobes of kids big and small, says Rebecca Gonsalves

While most of us would be unable to pinpoint Timbuktu on a map, identifying the animated inhabitants of the African city would no doubt be less of a challenge. Now, the Mr Men and Little Misses, first created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971, have a new neighbour as London designer Henry Holland has been immortalised as Mr Quiffy in honour of his distinctive hairstyle. “Who didn’t love the Mr Men series growing up?” asks Holland. “My sister and I had the books – it’s just such an iconic British series. I could never choose a favourite between Mr Tickle and Mr Sneeze – I’m pretty sure I had hair envy of Mr Sneeze.”

The designer’s success has been built on a playful approach to fashion that first grabbed attention in 2006 when he created Fashion Groupie T-shirts with slogans like: “Uhu Gareth Pugh.” In celebration of Mr Quiffy’s first adventure, the designer behind House of Holland has created a collection for women and girls inspired by the characters.

“I’d never designed anything for children before,” explains Holland. “We wanted to really shrink the ladieswear to create little miniatures.” On sale now at Liberty, the collection features 14 pieces including an MA1-style bomber jacket, checked shirt dress and jeans emblazoned with badges. It seems that Holland has fulfilled his ambition to “create a super playful collection for kids and big kids alike”.

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