Makeup artist Peter Philips opted for glittering peach lips at Fendi / Getty

Spring, it seems, is all about the sparkle 

From puffer jackets to ugly trainers and giant hoop earrings, trends that were once deemed tasteless have steadily made their way into the sartorial limelight.

It’s official, tacky is back. 

But, this is a movement that’s extending way beyond garish garb, this season it’s made its way into to the beauty world too.

Once the preference of children, fancy dress enthusiasts and festival goers, glitter has seen a coming of age with a sophisticated makeover.

Now, it’s fully recognised as an expert-approved beauty trend.

A perusal of the spring/summer 2017 shows proves this, with designers using glitter in all manner of ways. 

At Fendi, makeup artist Peter Philips and his team opted for a sugar-spun vibe with glittering peach lips inspired by Vanellope von Schweetz, the cartoon candy princess from Wreck-It-Ralph.

While at DKNY, Pat McGrath used her nominal product collection to create an altogether more vampy look that involved pressing a matte dark chocolate lip with chunky flecks of full-on glitter.

Elsewhere, holographic glitter shapes adorned models’ faces and ears – yes, that’s now a thing - at Giamba but if that doesn’t float your boat, Rodarte offered up a take that’s far easier to replicate. 

Here, the trend extended to a shimmering manicure with glitter polish traced around the edges of the nails.

Holographic glitter shapes adorned models’ faces and ears at Giamba (Getty Images)

The key to pulling this look off as an adult is to adopt a less-is-more approach by building up the sparkly slowly.

Instead, ease yourself in by gilding the corner of your eyes, using high-glitz liquid eyeliner or applying a slick of disco-ball-esque nail polish.